Offering you ample amounts of the sun, sand and turquoise waters, Thailand is essentially a beach Island. Of course, there are 13th century ruins, lagoons, snazzy nightlife jaunts in many towns, picturesque villages, and much more to explore. With something exciting in store for every temperament, Thailand is definitely the dream destination to get a tan that’ll last all winter.

How to get to Thailand from Australia?

Travelers from Australia can board direct flights to many cities in Thailand from either the Kingsford Smith International Airport that serves Sydney, or the Tulla Marine International Airport of Melbourne, Canberra International Airport, Perth International Airport, or the Brisbane Passenger Airport. There are non-stop flights to Bangkok and Phuket, served by the Intercontinental Airlines and Bangkok Airlines. You also have International Airports at Koh Samui, Krabi, and other exotic places in Thailand.

What’s to love about Thailand?

Thailand is a place where culture meets sophistication. There are plenty of natural reserves untouched by man, and yet the cities are full of steel structures. The prime factor that distinguishes Thailand from the rest of the world is that you can have the best of both the worlds at one go.

Beaches and Water Sport Activities

The beaches at Thailand are a delight with the powder-white sand, the green vistas around them and the isolated spots making for great private areas where you can get intimate with your partner. If you are an adventure sport aficionado, the whole sea in Thailand is yours to explore. There are deep sea diving avenues, wrecks, and myriad other places to scuba dive and snorkel.

Landmarks in downtown Thailand

Buddhist Temples, Museums, Cultural Centers, Shopping Complexes, and Palaces can be found at every town in Thailand. When you’re not at the beach, you can visit Phuket, Ayuthaya, Sukhothai, and Bangkok for wonderful downtown experiences and delectable cuisine.

Natural Avenues

Thailand is home to two dense State Parks and Forest Reserves – the Khao Yai National Park and the Khao Sok National Park. Thailand also has great landscaping and wonderful enclaves where you find ruins, caves, and waterfalls that are well known.

Historical Places

Thailand also is home to many ruins and excavations from the erstwhile eras to enthrall you. Go ahead with a shovel in some permitted areas and see what you can discover.

Thailand Highlights: Things to see and do

The Wat Po Temple

Thailand is home to a plethora of ‘Wats’, or temples as they are called in traditional Thai. The Wat Po Temple in the vicinity of Bangkok city is the most intriguing temple in the place. It has wonderful architecture and a serene ambience that makes the experience awesome for a believer in Buddhism.

The Hall of Opium

The Hall of Opium in Thailand is a major crowd puller, no matter what your age is. You can gain a firsthand insight into how opium is cultivated, how it is processed, and the history of the crop in Thailand.

Thailand Massages and Spa

A must indulge in Thailand; the traditional spa massaging in the Island derives its existence from the notion that there are invisible lines running through our body. By movements, therapy, and herbal flexing of the muscles, you are enthralled by practiced spa personnel across Thailand.

Wellness Programs

Take some time out from sightseeing and avail of the de-toxic colon cleansing of the body in Thailand. You are treated to a mixture of Tai Chi diets, yoga, colon irrigation and your body is expurgated of toxins that abound inside.

Scuba diving and deep sea diving

There are myriad scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep sea diving avenues at Thailand. You can explore several sea wrecks on the ocean, go to the famous area where ‘The Beach’ was shot and do some great snorkeling and see if you find treasures under the ocean too.

Food in Thailand:

Thai cuisine is mainly composed of huge amounts of seasoning, coriander, lemon, stir fried mutton, and lots of grilled and half-boiled food. You get rice in all forms and noodles are an absolute favorite. Some dishes you must sample before you leave Thailand are –

  • Khao Phat – Stir fried rice with lamb, pork, or chicken
  • Kuay Tiao Phat Sii-u Kai – Noodles with chicken pieces and soya seasoning
  • Yam Wunsem – Yam with basil leaves cooked as salad
  • Waan Yen – a dessert

Sea food is also an absolute favorite in Thailand.


Thai cultures are synonymous of Buddhism, quite different from the Buddhist Monks of Mainland Asia. Their temples are called ‘Wats’ and are found in many places in the Island. People here are friendly, warm, full of hospitality, and prefer folding their hands and bowing their heads low slightly, to a handshake, especially in the small towns and villages.

The Thai culture also believes in spirits. So don’t be surprised to find a Spirit House in many places, including plush hotels in cities, to ward off evil spirits from the area.


The tropical climate of Thailand ensures that the summers are extremely hot and humid, the rainy seasons follow, and the chilly winters are seen here. The best time to visit the place is throughout the year, especially when it isn’t raining – usually in the months from January to May, and then from September to December.

Do’s and Don’ts:

You are never to drink tap water in Thailand as it is filthy and not drinkable at all. There are enormous scams in Thailand, where people wait to dupe you, ensure that you don’t purchase anything or board a taxi and set off to an undisclosed location. There are drug rackets being busted from time to time; steer clear of prohibited items to drink and eat. Thailand is a beautiful place to visit but you must follow protocol at all times.

Useful Contacts:

Please note the following contacts,

The Australian Embassy in Thailand,

100/44, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand

Phone – 02 3446300.

Thailand is a warm, cultural, and picturesque country. We hope to see you in Thailand the next summer, warming yourself on one of the myriad beaches in the Island, or shopping along the streets.