Hong Kong

When you make the decision to visit Hong Kong you are going to be able to be entering another world on a fantastic island adventure that you will never forget. Once the gateway to mainland China, Hong Kong has absorbed the culture of many of the people that over the years. These people had come to Hong Kong for trade, but left their mark on the society of Hong Kong and today many cultures have melded together to make a unique and interesting cultural mix that will entertain and enlighten you.

There are beautiful views, a wide variety of delicious food, and of course one of the most vibrant and magical places you can ever visit. There is something new to see every day and a new adventure just around the corner of this great place. You also can feel quite safe in this place as Hong Kong has one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the world. So traveling from one place to another will not be dangerous at all. Speaking of travel, this island is designed for the pedestrian. With ample subway systems and dramatic and beautiful sky bridges that help you travel and provide unique and beautiful views at the same time.

What’s to love about Hong Kong

Walking – Hong Kong is a city that is built for walking and taking public transportation. Being able to efficiently get from one place to the next quickly and easily is awesome and it is also friendly to the environment as well. There are great subways to ride and incredible sky bridges to take you from one place to another.

If a person is lucky enough to have access to a rooftop or a balcony, the people of Hong Kong make these areas a virtual garden paradise. Having access to any kind of open space allows them to enjoy the outdoors and provide beauty to this urban setting.

It is always light. Hong Kong should be known as the city of light, as there is so much ambient light that you can easily read a book in the middle of the night.

If being safe is important to you than Hong Kong is a great place for you, it has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world.

Highlights of Hong Kong

Taking a trip for the day to Lantau Island the largest island of Hong Kong and discovering the traditional fishing villages, the beautiful mountains and the peaceful beaches. The largest attraction here is the giant Buddha.

Visiting Victoria Peak is a must when you go to Hong Kong, it is the mountain that looks down on the city, and it is easily reachable by public transportation. You will have a panoramic view of the entire island of Hong Kong, a once in a lifetime view will be yours.

Repulse Bay is a great place to enjoy the ocean, if you are looking to sun bath or if you are looking for a romantic sunset at the end of the day.

The Hong Kong Culture Center marks a commitment of the government of Hong Kong to supporting the performing arts.

 Top things to see and do in Hong Kong

Tramming around Hong Kong is one great thing to do. These iconic double dickered trams move at a slow pace and allow you the privilege of seeing the sights of Hong Kong at a leisurely pace.

Horse racing is a great activity no matter if you like the thrill of gambling, the colorful jockeys or the beautiful horses. Happy Valley Race Track will keep you entertained and maybe make you richer.

Visit the Soho of the East as you meander along the coast you will come to Lei King Wan, which has a variety of dining establishments, designed to delight its guests.

Hong Kong has a long and valued history in the film industry, there is the Symphony of Lights Walk that is similar to the Hollywood Walk of fame in America.

Search for bargains in local shops as you can bargain with venders and get great deals. The most exciting way to shop.

Food of Hong Kong

Known as the World’s Fair of Food and a Gourmet’s Paradise,

Hong Kong provides a wide variety of delectable dishes sure to engage any pallet. Due to its long history as a trading center, Hong Kong has been able to adopt the very best of the world’s food and make it their own. You will be able to find virtually any kind of food that you desire from fine French food to American fast food. There is only one thing that you will know for sure, there is no reason to go hungry when you are in Hong Kong.

Culture of Hong Kong

When it comes to languages spoken in Hong Kong there are generally two, Chinese and English. Chinese is the native tongue of most people but because of the large number of English schools on the island, English is spoken and understood by many. Most of the newspapers are written in Chinese but there are two published in English.

There is a large portion of the population in Hong Kong that has practiced traditional values and family oriented culture that typifies Hong Kong. They took the best of English culture and combined it with traditional Chinese culture to come up with a unique stamp on living life that was all their own. These strong valued people tend to be in the older generation. The younger generation has been affected by the global influences of western culture and is more self centered than the traditions of Hong Kong would teach. There is a clash between these two distinct groups.

Weather of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate that is influenced by monsoons. There are four distinct seasons in Hong Kong with autumn generally considered to be the most pleasant time of year. Winter is generally cool; spring is hot and warm, with summer sporting temperatures that are hot and humid leading to some pretty unstable weather.

Hong Kong Location Facts (population / currency etc bullet points)

Population                                            7.07 million in 2011

Country: China
Region: Hong Kong S.A.R. (Special Administrative Region)
Capital: Victoria
City: Hong Kong
Coordinates: 22:15:00N 114:10:02E
Altitude: 10m / 33ft
Currency: HK Dollar (HKD)
Language: Chinese (Cantonese), English
Time zone: Hong Kong Time (HKT)

Do’s and Donts of Hong Kong


Always Greet when you meet someone.

When at a social event, must wait to be indicated before you sit down.

Conservative clothing is always appropriate, and shows sobriety.

Good manners are always the norm.

Always leave some food on your plate.

Exchange your business cards with both hands.


Don’t forget to keep your passport with you at all times.

Do not use or bring drugs into Hong Kong.

Don’t ignore anyone when they address you. Always respond.

Never show your anger in public places.

Never be late to an appointment.

Never show up to someone’s home without a gift of food or a souvenir.

Always hold your chopsticks upright, it is good luck.

Never expose too much skin; it is offensive to the local culture.

Useful contacts

Australian Consulate

23/F Harbour Centre, 25 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong – Tel: +852 2827 8881 – Fax: +852 2585 4457