Fiji is the most exotic island state in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of more than 300 islands. You are thus treated to awesome locales, replete with sun-kissed beaches, azure waters of the Pacific, natural vistas, perfectly planned towns and cities that merge effortlessly with the landscape that is naturally found here. A trip to Fiji is never complete without exotic partying, indulging in adventure sports on the beach, and strolling around with a delicious wine glass in the hand. Come here on a vacation to Fiji, and you are sure to go back home replenished.

How to get to Fiji from Australia?

Fiji has many airports in its expanse but the main airport is the Nadi International Airport that has flights from America and Hawaii. If you were to visit Fiji, its best for you to book a direct flight from the International Airports at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, and others to Los Angeles in the United States, or Honolulu in Hawaii and head to the Nadi International Airport from there. You can enter Fiji by boat too, from the Australian shore connection.

What’s to love about Fiji?

Fiji is the product of volcanic eruptions and tectonic movements of the earth’s plates. Even now, you can bear witness to mild shaking of the earth in some places and parts of the states, though there has never been an eruption in over a decade, making this place a dormant earthquake and volcanic site of the past.

Now, Fiji mainland and the surrounding island in the archipelago are all about beauty, natural splendor, glorious beaches, and arresting sunsets. You have wonderful party destinations too.

Nadi and its delights

Nadi has several places to visit. But, none of them are as spectacular as the ‘Garden of Delight’. You also have the ‘Garden of the Sleeping Giant’ and the ‘Sleeping Giant’ mountains that look like a man in his reclining position when viewed from a distance. There are several temples and Buddhist shrines to visit too.

The Robinson Crusoe Island

Off the Nadi Island you have the Robinson Cruseo Island, where the famous Robinson Crusoe was said to be shipwrecked and had to build a community for himself. You can snorkel, scuba dive, and surf in the beaches of the Island and enjoy plenty of other attractions at the Islands.

Fiji Highlights: Things to see and do

There are many things for you to do in Fiji and numerous sightseeing places for you to savor here.

Sightseeing across Fiji

There are many places for you to see and appreciate in Fiji. Downtown Suva and Nadi will have museums, shopping places, cultural landmarks and many other places for you to savor and enjoy. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better Indian temple than the Shiva Subramaniya Temple and nine directional shrines in Nadi. The museum, ocean world and other sights are a craze amongst visitors too.


The beaches at Fiji offer you pursuits like white water rafting, whale watching trips, swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The beaches here are not as exotic as those in Hawaii but nevertheless, you’ll have a great time. If you’re looking for active water sports, you’d better stay put in the whirl pools in your resorts in Fiji.

Trek the Koroyanitu National Park

The verdant avenues of the Koroyanitu National Park beckon you to put on your shoes and head for a camping venture. The activity on the hills and mountains is worth, because you’ll get rewarded with great ocean views from the top, once you reach vantage points. There are myriad waterfalls for you to take pleasure in, too.

Partying at the Fiji Beaches

What Fiji beaches deny you with their unkempt waters, they make up for, with their exotic party locales available in plenty. After the arresting sunsets, the DJ’s arrive at the resort and you are regaled with songs, wine, dining facilities and discotheque parties that continue till the wee hours of the morning. In fact, many tourists are known to enjoy the sunrise and then drift to slumber.

There is so much to see and do in Fiji and these attractions are simply the tip of the iceberg.

Food at Fiji:

Fiji is not known to have a distinguished cuisine of its own and usually features dishes from various places in the world. However, locals prefer eating fresh fruits, chips, sautéed meat and rice every day. You get the best quality pineapples here at Fiji.


Fiji contains people from America, expats who live from various countries, Indians who have been farming here for centuries and Buddhists who have recently made Fiji their home. Thus, Fiji will provide you a cultural mélange with people of various ethnicities living together in harmony and peace.


Though the weather at Fiji is conducive to tourism throughout the year, we suggest stalling your vacation during the October to March period. This is when there are hurricanes in Fiji and there would be no power and no fun in the island, with food supplies also running out.

Elsewhere, Fiji is a great spot to visit throughout the year. It has tropical weather like most islands, and sports balmy days with the hot sun, and a humid climate. The nights can get chilly, but never uncomfortable.

Dos and Don’ts:

Suva and Nadi are unsafe areas in Fiji and you’d better not come out of your resort during the nights. Thefts, burglars, and homicides are not uncommon and make sure you never take anything from unidentified people. Also, the seas at Fiji are prone to sharks and whales. If you sight a ‘Shark Warning’, do not venture into the waters at all. You’d better stay indoors after sun down and if you have to party, scout for locations on the beach and not in seedy areas.

Useful Contacts:

During emergencies, you’d better contact –

The Australian Embassy.

37 Princes Rd, TAMAVUA,

Suva – Telephone: 338 2211 – Fax: 338 2065


Fiji is a great tropical place to vacation in. With plenty of attractions to take pleasure in, there can seldom be a place as exotic as Fiji.