Egypt is a world that is rich in history and has depth of character as well. Tourists will enjoy the sights and sounds of the ancient meets modern world and will have experiences that are once in a lifetime opportunities. See one of the Seven Wonders of the World and enjoy the people and great cuisine. You are sure to have an amazing time.

How To Get To Egypt From Australia

With layovers, the flight from Australia to Egypt can be lengthy. Individuals should plan at least a day to get from one location to the next. Roughly nineteen hours, for example, will be spent in the air if taking a flight from Sydney to Egypt. Other cities in Australia will see a similar travel time. Though long, the days travel is very much worth it as the end destination will leave tourists with memories that last for a lifetime.

What’s To Love About Egypt

There are many great things about visiting the country of Egypt that will leave you falling in love with the country but none may be more powerful than the graceful connection of modernity and history. Ancient pyramids and relics dot your path on the way to high quality restaurants with modern cuisines. Rooted in Muslim influences, the country of Egypt is still considered conservative in some ways but is a more modern take on an ancient culture and religiosity of the Middle Eastern world. Enjoy the history and fall in love with the people, and you are sure to enjoy your trip.

Highlights Of Egypt

People-The people of many cultures and locations around the world can be extremely inviting, and Egypt is no exception. While there, do not be surprised if you hear many greetings welcoming you to the country or see a smile grace the face of a stranger. Hospitality is alive and well, and though there may exist some cultural barriers, this warmth will breech them.

Community-Like the welcoming of the people that you will see, there is also a sense of community that extends throughout Egypt. This can be seen in not only how the citizens themselves interact with one another but how they attempt to relate to outsiders as well. This is another of the reasons to fall in love with this country.

Top Things To Do And See In Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza-The Pyramids of Giza are a must see for anyone visiting Egypt. There images alone conjure up the country’s name and yet, seeing them offers a whole new perspective. Each of these pyramids is actual a tomb to a King of ages past. For that reason, seeing them is to step into the annals of history and are a must for those visiting the country to embrace and witness.

The Sphinx-The Sphinx is another iconic image of Egypt and those visiting the country should definitely see it. Located just outside of the Pyramids, you can take in both at the same time. You will see the sculpture of the man with a body of a lion and will be impressed with the brilliance and size of the structure. It is a must see!

Cairo-Individuals must visit Medieval Cairo to really understand the history and religiosity of the city and country. There are Mosques and other religious symbols everywhere and individuals will be enthralled by the majesty of each. Be sure that you are prepared and dress with extreme modesty and respect when entering these religious institutions so as not to offend unintentionally.

Abu Simbel-Abu Simbel is another must see location in Egypt. Located near the Sphinx and the Pyramids, this has been a popular tourist draw for centuries. The reason for its notoriety is the pharaoh that lies within. The temple was erected as a monument to Ramses II and even since the Victorian era has been attracting visitors to its beauty.


Vegetarian-No, not all dishes in the traditional Egyptian repertoire are vegetarian nor are they a country that embraces only grains and vegetables. The cuisine, however, has been said to be much more vegetarian-friendly than other countries because of the emphasis in traditional cuisine on the use of legumes and vegetables. For that reason, vegetarians should know that they will most likely have a plethora of options while visiting this country.

Bread-Be prepared to get your carbohydrates when you visit Egypt. Bread is served with every meal, from breakfast to late night snacks. Maybe this is why tourists complain about returning from their trip a few pounds heavier than when they had left.

Riced-Stuff Pigeon-For the more adventurous, one of the most traditional meals in the Egyptian cuisine repertoire of tasty delights is riced-stuff pigeon. This is a popular delicacy that is tasty and moist, if cooked right, and something out of the ordinary in many western cultures. For that reason, it should be a must try on your trip.


Egypt has a lengthy and impactful history. Not only does it have the traditional Kings of the pyramid eras that created many of the large and monumental figures and sights throughout the country, but also has an educational influence as well. Egyptian was one of the first languages ever to be recorded in written form and home to an ancient civilization that put a great deal of influence on education. This impact can be seen in the culture of today and in the writings of the past, as Egyptian literature were some of the first ancient texts to be passed from generation to generation.


Temperatures-Though it is an arid climate, do not confuse the weather in Egypt with hot temperatures. On the contrary, the nights in Egypt can be extremely chilly while the days can be very hot, all within the same twenty-four hour period of time.

Dry-The average rainfall in one year in Egypt is roughly 88mm. This is highly dry compared to other areas of the world. Therefore, rain will most likely not be an issue in your travelling adventures.

Facts About Egypt

Population-84.5 million
-386,662 square miles
Capital City-
Language Spoken-Arabic
Exports- Petroleum products, cotton, and oil

Do’s And Don’ts

Don’t Always Cover Your head-Though Egypt has strong Muslim influences and religious affinity, it is not as strict in this approach as other countries. For that reason, women do not need to cover up their heads before travelling around the city. The only time that they need to be sure to do this is when they enter a Mosque, as a sign of respect and religious deference.

Do Respect Modesty-Though the head covering is not necessary, women should remember that overdoing the skin exposure is considered offensive in the Muslim culture. For that reason, try to pack accordingly and wear long sleeves and do not wear short skirts or shorts. It is considered disrespectful and that is not the message most tourists want to send.

Do Bargain-When shopping in some cultures, it is not polite to haggle for the best price. This is not the case in Egypt. It is expected and encouraged that tourists take the time to bargain for their best price at markets and stores alike.

Useful Contacts

Australian Embassy in Egypt- (+202) 2770 6600