Dubai is a great venue and location for a vacation. While there, you can experience a diversity of economic settings, great food, great people, and a taste of different world. Be sure that you stay aware of any cultural deference and respect that you must display but enjoy the great time that you can have in this unique location.

How To Get To Dubai From Australia?

A flight from Australia to Dubai will be a lengthy one. If you are travelling from Brisbane to Australia, you can expect to be on a journey by flight for about fifteen hours. The time frame is similar for those in other cities in the country as well. Be prepared for a lengthy flight but one that will be well worth it for the experience you will have in Dubai.

What’s To Love About Dubai?

Diversity-Yes, the population of Dubai is mainly Muslim but that does not mean that there is not a diversity of other aspects of the populace that make it diverse. In Dubai, you will be privy to a unique glimpse of economic diversity with the extremely rich living mere miles from the ridiculously economically poor. This diversity means that you can see and experience Dubai through the diversity of population and see how each lives in this beautiful city.

Options-Because of the economic diversity of this city, there are great opportunities and options for individuals of varying economic strata that come to the city as a tourist. One day, you can dine in the lap of luxury at a five star hotel with a gourmet chef and the next day sit in a street café enjoying conversations with locals who offer you a low-priced meal. Options are everything and you will assuredly have them while visiting Dubai.

Highlights Of Dubai

There are so many highlights of Dubai that is difficult to parse it down into just a few different things. The greatest highlight is first, and foremost, the people. You can learn a lot simply by watching the population function in their daily setting and when speaking with them, gain an understanding of a different culture. Also, you will find yourself enthralled by the great food, great party atmosphere, and the different sights and sounds that you can experience in the region, and are sure to learn something new from your stay.

Top Things To See And Do In Dubai

Souk Madinat-This mall in Dubai is not known for extreme shopping experiences based on the products offered within it. Rather, it is the way in which you travel from shop to shop. The way in which you can travel from the different shops to another is via a waterway in the mall. Literally, you take the water from one location to another and get to shop in an almost fantasy like world.

Gould Souk-The Gould Souk is a location in Dubai where you can get amazing prices on gold and other precious medals. The beauty of this shop, aside from the great prices on jewelry, comes from the process you will go through to get the best deal. You must haggle and bargain to get the best deal, and this offers you a chance to really interact with local peoples.

Champagne Brunch-Bars across Dubai are restricted by when they can serve alcohol and where they can serve it, yet it is readily available to customers within hotel venues. Have fun and enjoy the fun and excitement of the restaurants that offer what is known as a Champagne Brunch and have fun socializing with individuals from around the world.

Food Of Dubai

Shawarma-This lamb or chicken dish is a popular Arabic cuisine that you can try while visiting Dubai. Resembling a kabob, this dish can be made in variation with different vegetables and spices on the skewer. It simply depends on the restaurant and the chef’s desire to make it with their own personal flare.

Falafel– Arabic classic cuisine has to include the Falafel. Like an American French fry, they are almost potato like in texture but are actually made from chickpeas and spices in a mixture. They are offered at the local delicatessens, cafes, and restaurants throughout Dubai and are a must try.

Arabic Bread-This is another major must have on the list of different foods that are must tries. Arabic bread is made, traditionally, is known as Arabic roti and is served with almost every meal that you will have in Dubai.


The culture of Dubai is one in which religion is infused in many ways and in many different laws and other institutions. The country is predominantly Muslim, though this is not to say that other religions are not at least tolerated. There are over twice as many males than there are females and this leads to a real protection of the female population. Women are given stricter rules than men, including what they can where and who can be in their presence. Devout religiosity can also be seen in the numerous Mosques that line the city and the observances of religious days of rest. Because of this devout nature of the peoples, however, do not be alarmed. Just because you are not Muslim or religious does not mean that you will be unwelcome. In fact, respecting their culture and their religiosity, you will be as welcome as you could possibly be while visiting a beautiful foreign city.


Climate-The climate of Dubai is considered what is known as sub-tropical.
Rain-Rain in Dubai is very rare and that is why it is considered an arid climate to visit
Facts About Dubai

Population– 1,422,000
3,885 square kilometers
Prominent Religion-Islam, though other religions are not necessarily discouraged
Official Language-Arabic

Do’s And Don’ts of Dubai

Do Not Swear-Though at home or in your own life, there may be some room for the random curse word to escape your lips. When it comes to travelling in Dubai, this is not acceptable in public. Public decency laws are in place and there is an increasing growth in the monitoring of these behaviors by the police. Watch what you say and when you say it to avoid causing offense or being forced to deal with a legal issue.

Do Dress Conservatively-Even at the beach, the decency laws and dress code of Dubai is in effect. Leave the skimpy swimwear for another location and be sure that you do your best to seek a bathing suit that allows for the conservative values to be seen. Never wear a bathing suit away from the water and remember that too showy is a bad thing.

Do Not Snap Pictures-Snapping pictures of your adventure may be okay if done in the correct way. Do not take photographs of strangers or those you do not know and assuredly avoid taking a snapshot of the females in the community. It is greatly possible that they will take offense to this.

Useful Contacts

Australian Consulate and Embassy in Dubai- +971 4 5087 100