Bali is an exciting place with much to see and do. Even the most seasoned of adventurers will fall in love with this country, and its diversity of cultures, peoples, experiences and other great features to attend to. There are activities for everyone to participate in and there are all ages of individuals that can partake in this great location and have the fantastic options of finding something to do from the active to the relaxing. One day you can be trekking a beautiful temple’s stairs and the next entering into a snorkelling lesson on the beach. There is great shopping, great music, great entertainment and more all brought to you by the great people that come from this country and want you to be a part of it. For that reason and more, read the following as you book your travel plans to Bali this season.

Getting to Bali from Australia

There are several different flights that are available daily to take individuals from Australia to Bali. It is possible to find a direct flight as well. Individuals travelling to this region can find that many of the major airports in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and more, offer several different trips to Bali each and every day. For that reason, there are many great opportunities to find the travel accommodations that you require to get to Bali for your holiday away. The average length of a flight from Australia to Bali is between five and seven hours, depending on the location. This is a short and manageable flight time, especially when you are flying nonstop with no layover destinations to be concerned with impeding your time in the air.

The Airport in Bali

One airport through which passengers entering and exiting Bali can travel via is the Denpasar Airport. These runways are located in the Southern portion of the region and are a popular one through which individuals can travel from other locations around the world, including on their trips from Australia. Through these gates pass several passengers a year who come from around the world. There are locations for international and domestic flights and this is becoming an ever increasingly popular location for those looking to begin their tropical vacation to pass through. Also, individuals here will find that there is a level of security in their flight. All passengers must go through different checkpoints in order to make sure their luggage and their overall baggage is being properly screened. This is meant to ensure the safety and security of all individuals boarding the planes and for that reason helps to ensure that the country as a whole is being protected.

Any immigration rules for Australians into Bali

If you are visiting Bali from Australia, you are required to have the proper identification. First and foremost, you must have a passport ready to use and must have one that is current. Without this travel document, you will not be able enter into the country for any reason. It is a must and this is not open to negotiation or discussion. Aside from a passport, individuals from Australia that are going to be staying in Bali need to obtain a visa as soon as they enter the country. This can be obtained at the airport itself
as can residents from fifty-nine other countries entering the Balinese airport. There are service desks available for helping you to secure this documentation and this is important to ensuring that individuals have the right information and documentation to get exactly what they need to be legal in the country. These visas will not be valid forever. From the date of issue, they are good for thirty days and thirty days only before they will require renewal at an appropriate and certified visa provider. Other documentation may be required so be sure to contact the embassies and consulates in the region that represent your country in order to make sure that you are prepared. This is important so as to avoid delays and to protect you from a delayed journey to this region of the country. If you are willing to take the precautions and research what is necessary, you may just find that your trip is well worth it and can be much quicker than expected. Remember, too, that at all checkpoints you should have all documentation ready for the trip in order to make the process run more smoothly.

Any Shots or Medicine Needed for Bali

Individuals that are travelling in to Bali, will be required to get the proper shots and medications before they are able to roam the region freely. The first is a hepatitis A and hepatitis B shot. These shots are usually offered in a series and must be given on a schedule that will begin weeks prior to entering the country. These are important and required in order to make sure that your stay is a healthy one. Individuals travelling here will also have to have other medications as well. It is a must that they are given malaria tablets and all shots necessary to prevent this disease prior to entering the country. If not, their access can be denied and only approved upon completion of the treatments themselves. Further, individuals can also expect to be red flagged for arrival if they have just come from an area that has had an outbreak of a disease that is highly contagious or a large epidemic impacting the region. This is because individuals in the Indonesian government wish to protect the locals and other travellers from any unnecessary exposure to an illness or disease. Plan accordingly and be sure that you have received all medications and screening prior to entering the country so as to avoid delays. If you have any questions or concerns, consider contacting the Australian agencies in the country that deal with travellers from your region to ensure that the proper treatment has been received. You will find a complete list on health websites for your country as well as can contact the airport itself for more help.