The continent of Africa can be a great location for fun and excitement on a vacation. Tourists from all over the world can find something to enjoy on this large expanse of land. From beach side resting areas to safari lands, there literally will be something for everyone who wants a great experience on their next trip. Consider Africa, and you are assured a great time with lots of fun.

How To Get To Africa From Australia

Of course, the distance of flights between Africa and Australia will depend on which area you are traveling into. You can expect, though, when travelling from any major city, you will be spending at least ten to fifteen hours in the air, if not more. The flight is lengthy but the beauty of the continent that is Africa will make you get off the plane and wonder why you had not taken that long trip before.

What’s To Love About Africa?

The question is not what’s to love about Africa, but really what is not to love? There is something for everyone on this continent and individuals can come back time and time again without seeing it all. There are a diversity of cultures, with both European and local influences. There is a sense of pride in both tribal living and in the continent as a whole. The continent sees a multitude of religious expressions, has had war and conflict both externally brought and internally fought, leaving a rich history in its wake. All of this comes together to make it one of the most diverse and unique continents that you will find and one that you will be sure to fall in love with.

Highlights Of Africa

Wildlife-One of the greatest aspects of Africa is the beauty of the wildlife that you will see on your trip. There are numerous different animals that you can see, including lions, tigers, and elephants. These are gorgeous creatures that grace the planes and especially if taking a safari, you can see these creatures fairly up close and personal. It is a must on your trip and is sure to really give your eyes and your heart a start.

Variety-Scenery is important on any trip that you take, and Africa does not disappoint. Everything can be found on this large expanse of continent. From the arid deserts of regions near the Middle East, to the sandy beaches that lay along the waters, to savannah grasses where wildlife roam, Africa is a great location for a variety of different landscapes. You are sure to find something you love.

Top Things To See And Do In Africa

Sabi Sands- If you are into animals, especially leopards and other large cats, the Sabi Sands camps is a must. These adventure camps are private and come with guides that will help to guide you toward the areas where these wild creatures roam. If you are brave, consider organizing and scheduling an adventure here on your next trip to Africa.

Music Festivals-There is many great ways to experience the culture of Africa and the most enjoyable may just be through music. Be sure when visiting that you travel to Mali where several different musical festivals are held throughout the year. You can hear the drums of the native people and a fusion of both old and new music styles alike. Be sure to include one of these concerts in your trip through Africa.


Horn Of Africa-In the North, you will find that Ethiopian cuisine is the delicacy of choice in many locations. These foods offer rich spices in their meals, like cumin, curry, and more. They are rooted often in a bean base and rely heavily on the inspiration of these spices to create a natural and tasty cuisine. Unique meats are utilized in these dishes, much different than those utilized in western cultures of the world, and these foods are often used to celebrate a special occasion in the personal life or in the name of Islam.

North Africa-North African cuisine is a conglomeration and influence of several different countries and cultures. Closer to the Middle East, many traditional Middle Eastern spices are used in these foods. Though many countries inhabit this region, the cuisine does share some base food options, like Cucha. This food is a beef stew that you can find from Morocco, to Egypt, and beyond.

South Africa-The food and the cuisine in South Africa comes from more origins and influences than can be counted. It is this fusion that makes it the “rainbow food” of the country. You will find many fresh fruits, including papayas, plantains, and more, that are used in the meal and an emphasis on the beauty of the foods in their natural forms.

Western Africa-
Expect a heaviness to your food when dining in West Africa. The cuisine here is rooted in heavy starches and grain basis that are delicious but may leave you feeling a few pounds heavier. Be prepared to eat well if traveling to this region of the continent.

Central Africa-Though cultural fusion and influences have dominated other regions of Africa, the central portion of the continent has been somewhat insulated. Rather than relying on these outside influences for inspiration, much of the food here remains localized. You will see the use of plantains, local fruits, and local grains, all of which come together in tasty meals like that of FuFu and Peanut Stew.


The culture of Africa is as diverse as its people. There are numerous tribes and groups within Africa that each have developed their own customs, traditions, and often, their own ways of life. There are more modern locations, where amenities are readily available and those regions where third world living seems more of an appropriate description than modernity. There are those with Christian beliefs in the South, Muslim practices in the North, and a host of other religious representations throughout. Woven throughout the culture of Africa, however, is a


Facts About Africa

Most Populated Country in Africa-Nigeria
Largest Desert-
Largest City-Cairo, Egypt
How Many Capital Cities Throughout-54
Tallest Mountain-
Mount Kilimanjaro
Longest River-The Nile

Do’s And Don’ts in Africa

Do Research-One of the most important things you can do when heading to Africa is really to research where you are going and the customs of the people there. Again, this is a very diverse continent and to assume what goes in one region will suffice in another is an appropriate assumption. Be sure that you examine where you are heading and the customs of that region so that you do not accidentally offend or upset anyone. You will also learn something too.

Do Not Go Unattended-There are many different regions and peoples that make up the continent of Africa. While the vast majorities are welcoming and friendly, there are those that have ill-intent. For that reason, it is recommended that anyone travelling to the region, especially if going to the less modernized areas, be sure that you have someone there with you at all times. This is important to ensure your safety as you enjoy the beauty that is Africa.

Useful Contacts

Australian Embassy (Pretoria, South Africa)– 27 0 839 133 636
Australian Embassy (Nigeria)– 234 098 701 519
Australian Embassy (Zimbabwe)– 263 772 252 268